Ryan & Tara


We had a dream to travel, create multiple streams of passive income and be able to work anywhere with an internet connection. We wanted to work around our life, not live around our work. 

Our Story


It all started with a dream. We were watching Nomadland on Netflix when I casually mentioned to Ryan that I would totally travel around in an RV if I had a driver. Ryan perked up and said he would love that and he would be the driver while I navigated. From there we took actionable steps to make that dream a reality.
Step 1 Start with your dream to travel and work on the road from anywhere with an internet connection
Step 2 Set up multiple streams of online income.
Step 3 Research and find the perfect RV. If I’m going to live in 150sq ft it needs to be functional.
Step 4 Plan your shake down trip close to home to get everything ready.
Step 5 Hit the road and follow your dream.
We are off on a month long journey making our travel dream our reality.
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